“He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW”

– Freidrich Nietzsche

Sakichi Toyoda was a successful man in the world of batten-equipped tall looms around the turn of the 20th century. In following this line of work he established Toyota Industries Company Ltd, which later expanded into the Toyota Motor Company, and he is now considered to be one of the fathers of the Japanese industrial revolution.

Now, ironically enough, you’re probably wondering Why you’re reading about a prolific Japanese inventor and industrialist and not something more, well, volleyball related. This is important, as Toyoda was known for asking Why a lot… In fact, so much that he was credited with developing a concept called 5 Why’s.

This concept outlines that in order to find the route cause of a problem you should ask yourself Why 5 times. In answering these 5 Why’s you’re able to develop a greater understanding of the problem and be in a better place to find an effective solution.

We want to take the opportunity, in the first article we publish, to flip this concept on its head. We want to begin this journey by sharing the 5 Why’s of VolleyScience with you. This is Why VolleyScience exists.

  • Why – To share quality assured support information with the volleyball community.
  • Why – To help develop athletes prepared to play volleyball with intensity and enjoyment.
  • Why – To empower coaches to support volleyball athletes to achieve success.
  • Why – To develop interest from a wider volleyball community.
  • Why – To progress the sport and enhance the experience of everyone involved in it.

These are the cornerstones that form the foundation VolleyScience is built on, a resource to help build a better game, and we cannot wait to share the journey with you.

Let’s do it together.



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