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Supporting physical excellence in Volleyball

Providing clear and applicable sport science & strength and conditioning information to the volleyball community

Transparency is key. When trying to excel in a sporting environment, the information available needs to be clear, concise and completely honest. It’s not about instant results but hard work throughout the entire journey.

— Gary Hutt, VolleyScience Founder

Our History

VolleyScience was established in 2015 by international athletes, coaches and support staff to provide access to, and spark discussion about, quality-assured support information for coaches and athletes at all levels of volleyball.

We are always looking for contributors to the site and would enjoy hearing from you if you have pertinent information you would like to share. Just message us here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the volleyball community by supplying information that is credible and easy to apply to help you mould dynamic, exciting volleyball performance every day.

We support physical excellence by providing clear and applicable sports science & strength and conditioning information for the volleyball community.